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Business Support and Development Consultancy

In addition to Bookkeeping and Administration, Censea offer Business support and development consultancy services on a bespoke project basis.

With many years of experience in business planning, organisation, budget management, governance, risk management and disaster recovery planning, we can help you to grow your business and keep it safe.

From initial creation and customisation of business plans, policies and procedures, to longer term strategic planning and business development assistance, Censea Business Services can help you achieve your business and personal ambitions.

  • Understanding your plans and dreams for your business.
  • Analysis of:
    • Existing plans and strategic view
    • Current business status and placement in the competitive market
    • Working policies and procedures
    • Areas of strength and weakness
    • Risks to your business continuity
  • Reporting on all the above and planning tasks to deal with weaknesses and risks identified.
  • Creating with you a "road map", a plan to guide your business to where you want it to be.
  • Working with you to implement your plans and modify them as appropriate.
  • Helping you to make your business work for you.
Censea Business Services

Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
Practice Number 13713

Contact us:
webenq @ censea.co.uk
01489 481500

If you would like to discuss personal financial administration or business planning services with us, please send an email to webenq @ censea.co.uk or call 01489 481500. We would be delighted to hear from you.

"Censea Business Services" is registered with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Practice number 13713